Getting Started


The codebraid command-line application is available from PyPI. It can be installed via the command line with pip3 install codebraid or pip install codebraid. It is also available from conda-forge.

The development version from GitHub can also be installed manually. After downloading the development version, run python3 install or python install.

Additional requirements:

  • Pandoc – the latest version is usually best; minimum of v2.4+ but v2.17.1.1+ is recommended for commonmark_x.

  • For Jupyter support, jupyter_client v6.1.0+ and language kernels.

  • For YAML metadata support, ruamel.yaml (can be ruamel_yaml for Anaconda installations).

Building a document

Building a document using Codebraid is very similar to using Pandoc. In many cases, just add codebraid in front of the command you would normally use for running Pandoc.

Markdown source

```{.python .cb-run}
var = 'Hello from Python!'
var += ' $2^8 = {}$'.format(2**8)

```{.python .cb-run}

Run codebraid:

codebraid pandoc --from markdown --to markdown


Hello from Python! $2^8 = 256$

To save the output, add something like -o to the command. Add --overwrite if the output file already exists.

As this example illustrates, variables persist between code blocks; by default, all code for a given language is executed within a single process or session. Code output is also cached by default so that code is only re-executed when modified.

Editor support

There is an extension for VS Code and VSCodium. This provides a document preview with features like scroll sync between the Markdown source and the preview. The preview is generated with Pandoc itself, so all Pandoc extensions to Markdown syntax are fully supported. The extension also supports code execution, with visual indicators in the preview to show when cached code output is stale and when code is currently running. Code execution does not block the preview from updating; execution is decoupled from the preview process, so that the preview always remains live. For more information and examples, see the presentation for SciPy 2022.

Animation of Codebraid Preview extension for VS Code